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Grinding Equipment
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Classifying Equipment
» FW/HTS Air Classifier-Multi-Rotors
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Laboratory Equipment
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» MQW 03 Jet Mill
» MZ Vibration Mill
» CUM180 Impact Mill
» Ball Mill Classifying Production Line
» Nonmetallic Minerals Powder Coating Production Line
» Pharmacy Grinding Processing
Shandong ALPA Powder Technology Co.,Ltd, specialized in manufacturing and selling grinding jet mill, classifier mill, air classifier,impact mill,ball mill classifying production line,non-metal mineral coating production line. Till now,ALPA obtain BV certificate,patent star enterprise etc and 22 machines had applied China Patent.
ALPA supplies turnkey systems, from material feeding, size reduction and de-dusting up to final products packing. All systems are individually designed and manufactured according to corresponding requirements.ALPA supplies the systems complete including the electric control panels and PLC programmable controls... more
FW/HTS Air Classifier-Multi-Rotors FW/HTS Air Classifier-Multi-Rotors
Air classifier works with cyclone separator, dust collector and suction fan to form a complete classifying system. Material would go from the bottom part of air classifier up to the classifying chamber by the air flow from suction fan. The high-speed rotation of classifier wheel would create a strong…
MQW Jet Mill MQW Jet Mill
Jet Mill works with cyclone separator, dust collector and suction fan to form a complete classifying system. Compressed air flow after filtration and drying would go into milling chamber from nozzles, and meet in the center area, where material would be impacted and ground and sheared. Milled powder …
CSM-H Classifier Mill-Pulverizer CSM-H Classifier Mill-Pulverizer
Material would be conveyed by feeding system evenly to milling chamber, and would be impacted by high-speed rotating beater, and also under the centrifugal force, it would impact the grinding track. By several different pulverization powers, the material would be milled into fine powder. The milled p…
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  We can provide the following services to ensure complete customer satisfaction:
  • Research and development of products and processes
  • Pilot plant facilities for all equipment in our range
  • Full process plant design using the latest AutoCAD® and SolidWorks® software
  • Design and supply of PLC-based control systems
  • Supply of all equipment for a complete process
  • Experienced engineers for commissioning and operator training
  • Process guarantees
  • After sales service and spare parts supply
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